Friday, 11 February 2011

Valentine Sweet Fun

Charlotte Mason teaches that games are to maths what books are to language, so I wanted to create a fun game and came up with one covering; estimating, sorting, counting, weighing and dividing (five lessons in one!)

Estimate Me.
I had a pot of sweets (lips, hearts and mallow hearts) and their first task was to guess which sweet there was the most of, rank them in order and explain their reasoning.
Next they had to separate and count to check their findings.

Then weigh each type and see which group was the heaviest.
Record all their results
Then finally divide each pile of sweet by four.

DD4 and DD6 counted theirs into four piles, one at a time and DD8 realised she could use her four times table (yay success!) They had a couple of 'remainders' and decided to give them to me. They were allowed to eat the rest during the remaining lessons.

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Kayla said...

Love it!! What a great activity!!

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