Thursday, 3 February 2011

Valentine fun

I know its only Feb 3rd but we got into the swing of things early.
DD8 & DD6 were happy doing heart fractions - just a quick revision game but the fun for them was the hearts were Haribo sweets, some whole, others cut into half and some cut into quarters. The real fun came when they answered the questions correctly and could eat the sweets :) (the fun for me was trying to get equal sized quarters from a heart shape - you know they'll pick up on it if its wrong ! )
You can get this from my downloads page

DD2 enjoyed her filling bottle (an empty water bottle) she unscrews the lid fills it with beads and screws the lid back on to make a shaker - this has always been her favourite and she can happily fill and empty 6 or 7 times before playing with it as a shaker. We filled it with heart and flower beads today to get into the spirit of valentine. She also did a basic sticker match game - 6 heart stickers and find the matching ones.

DD4 was loving her heart match game and counting stickers (got the sticker idea from counting coconuts - she used stars for her space theme) you have 11 cards labelled 0-10 and 55 stickers, they must put the correct number of stickers on the cards - any left over or not enough for the last one and they know they've gone wrong.

The remainder of the workboxes were math, reading, vocabulary, creative writing, time revision, co-ordinates and spelling. We did some group project work on Human Bodies - our theme for Jan and Feb but I'll devote a whole post to that when we've finished it.

DD8 also had a how to draw box - as you can see she was not overly impressed.


Kayla said...

Love it!! not to early here either!! we love our workboxes and i enjoy seeing your printables!! thanks for sharing them!

Ticia said...

Oh, that just got me thinking of an idea to use felt sheets like you did for some other activities.

The Adventurer said...

Stopping by from NOBH and workboxes. You got some great printable to offer. Thanks

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