Thursday, 17 February 2011

Science fun - Top Trumps Chemistry cards

I am sure you have all seen the Top Trumps style game and had to endure children spouting facts about the speed of car, size of engine or goals scored last season. Well imagine a game where the facts become atomic mass, year of discovery or melting point :) 
We came across Dr Hals Chemistry Trumps - this has been a firm favourite in our household - even Daddy will play this for hours :) Each card lists the element, its symbol, atomic mass, usefulness factor, danger factor, melting point, year of discovery and some information about the element and its uses - did you know Americium is found in fire alarms and is the only synthesised element in general household use?

DD6 and DD8 can happily play this game for hours and DD4 loves to be on Daddy's team (but will happily jump ship to join whoever has her favourite cards - Carbon, Gold and Lead)

All in all I love this game - they are learning, having fun and storing up useful information - what more could a girl ask for?

I would highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to make chemistry fun and who doesn't like boring drills.

I purchased it from Amazon. The range also includes a Physics and Biology set- bet you can guess whats on my birthday wish list???

I would love to say I was given this item to review but I wasn't :(
I purchased this item for personal use and have been amazed by the results of such a simple game.

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