Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Articles - part 1

You will need black and light blue pens, paper, black pyramid and light blue pyramid (black and small light blue triangles will also work)

Review noun work
'What if I said - sit at table, get apple, give me pencil - do they sound right?'
place the above phrases on the mat. The child should notice there is a word missing
'Yes, you're right ! you need a little word before the noun to make it sound right' write the articles in light blue and add them to the paper strips.
'so it should be - sit at the table, get an apple, give me a pencil. - these little words that go before a noun are called articles.

Article comes from the Latin activus meaning little limb - so an article is like a little limb hanging off a noun.

Introduce the little blue pyramid/triangle - articles relate to the noun so they are the same shape but smaller and a different colour.

Again reinforce the concert with worksheets (fill in the gap with the correct article, circle the article in these sentences etc)

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