Friday, 11 February 2011

DD4's week

Shes had a fun Valentine inspired week. We are working some more on the letter 'M' as she had a few problems forming this letter last week.

So whats been in our boxes?
Valentine numbers game - she also played this again later in the week and decided to put the cards in numerical order.
creating the letter M with hamma beads
Valentine dressing game - they almost came to fisticuffs over this, both DD2 and DD4 were convinced it was theirs and didn't want to share - that's an extra lesson all on its own.
Various selection of letter M worksheets from confessions of a homeschooler including letter artwork.

I love that DD2 wanted to help and had to pass her each flower :)
Letter M sandpaper card, sand box and sound box. We used the sound box twice - once for her to identify which objects started with the right sound and later in the week as a 'find it' exercise where she had to find items beginning with the right sounds from around the house. (she 'found' music, mummy, monkey, mouse and money. She did insist that my foot had to go in the box as all of me wouldn't fit))
She also joined in on a number of activities with her big sisters - her favourite was the valentine sweet game :) 


Madonna said...

I love the Valentine Dressing activity and the estimation one. (Visiting from Preschool Corner)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Hi! Stopping from Preschool Corner. Love your Vday dressing activity! Also cracking up about them arguing over it. I only have one child but I remember those days with my sister! Also, I downloaded your clock and kitty cat count. Hope to use them soon! Thanks! Kerri

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