Friday, 25 February 2011

Clay Art

Recently our art has focused on identifying shapes within objects and using them to draw a picture - this has included a study of Miro and using alot of the 'how to draw' books.
I wanted to take it a step further and see if they could think in 3D - so out came the clay. As a general rule I avoid clay as I always end up with a mess like this :(
However I bit the bullet today and let them go at it.
DD4 made the snake, DD6 the volcano and a sea lion (although I think it looks more like a platypus??)
and DD8 the sitting dog (which shes really proud of) I had to make a duck and dog for DD2 who also made a blob of her own. (and the biggest mess!)
All in all it was great fun and I didn't even mind the hand prints on the bathroom wall. LOL.


Ewa said...

The sitting dog is awesome like the rest of your projects. The girls did a wonderful job. I am waiting impatiently for some warmer days to move our “art workshop” outside ;-). The mess is more bearable there . Great post. Hugs from Poland. Ewa

Tammy Curry said...

We love doing clay art here. My daughter 12 has become quite the sculptor. Then again this is the child that voluntarily did a diorama for her Lief Ericksson report. I can't wait to see what she does for Marco Polo.

My 6 yr old son still loves to just cut paper. A great skill for making newspaper seed pots. But arts and crafts are a large part of our "curriculum".

wdworkman said...

Clay is definitely messy, but so much fun!
Janet W

Jessica said...

Stopping by from HHH. My kids love clay as well. We are fortunate that a local mom has a kiln and full studio in her home and gives weekly classes where the kids have total freedom to create. I am always awed by what they do.

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