Monday, 14 February 2011

Geometry - Polygons part 2

Today DD8 & DD6 used the Geometry sticks again to disuss regular and irregular polygons.

We started with a quick review of the polygon rules by asking them to make a quick lift the flap game for DH (the original idea came from love2learn2day )
Then I created 2 shapes on the boards and asked what the difference was. They said one shape had different size sides but that was all they could come up with until I pulled out the protractor. Once they measured the angles they realised that in one shape all the angles and the sides were the same but in the second shape there were differences.

I then placed the following descriptions for regular and irregular polygons above the correct shape.
Regular Polygon - all the sides are the same length and all the angles are the same.
Irregular Polygon - has different sized sides and angles.

They decided to finish by creating their own (again). As you can see it was too much fun and everyone had to join in.

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