Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Geometry - Angles

DD6 & DD8 each worked on angles yesterday using our Geometry sticks.
To start use a stick to draw a circle (pin in one end and a hole in the other) then draw a half cirlce - we discussed what the half circle looked like (moon, half a cake etc) and after a bit of prompting they remembered protractors !

We discussed how a protractor measures angles (review for DD8 and new concept for DD6) and the circle is a complete angle and a half circle is a straight angle.
We moved onto Right angles (quarter of a circle) and then obtuse and acute (DD6 remembered these terms from her triangle work)

We used the sticks to make/draw each angle and labelled them (inc Latin)
Right angle - rit middle english meaning straight up
Obtuse - Latin obtuses meaning large/blunt
Acute - Latin acutese meaning sharp

We then discussed how much a complete angle was - they started by saying it was 4 right angles so added 90 degrees together 4 times - we agreed it was 360 degrees so then I posed the question
'If a complete angle is a circle do all circles have 360 degrees?'
one thought they did and the other was convinced that smaller circles would have smaller angles. This lead beautifully to a lesson I'd seen on Jimmies Collage where you cut out a few circles of varying sizes and cut each circle into pieces, measure the angles to prove the theory and finish by writing it all up on a notebook page.


Miranda said...

I love this idea! I am so not plugged in with schooling my kids this way. I just survive these days in seems. My kids' schooling is mostly self taught with some help from me. I love what you're doing. I'm going to become a follower so I can learn more.

alison said...

this is a great idea...would love for you to share on my 'fridays unfolded' linky...from a fellow homeschooler...:)


stuff and nonsense

The Adventurer said...

this is such a great idea. I haven't done this with my DD8 yet. Adding it to my must do soon file. :)

alison said...

thanks for linking up! have a wonderful weekend.



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