Monday, 21 February 2011

Fun History

As you know we have been studying Romans and using the Evan Moor history pocket. Today we reached the Gladiator section. I bought a great book a couple of weeks ago about the Colosseum and gladiators (Gladiators by Troy Forward) so have been waiting with baited breath for this section to arise.
Needless to say my patience was rewarded :) the girls loved this book - it even includes a pop-up Colosseum

(I hadn't realised the scale of the thing until I saw how small the arena floor was in comparison to the rest of the Colosseum.)
Map of ancient Rome
A game called Tabula the gladiators played
and a really moving story book about a young slave and the gladiator who wins both their freedoms (along with an elephant!!)
They have been happily playing with this book set all morning - we haven't even started on the rest of our drawers yet or got the playmobil gladiators out :(

I think someone (although enjoying the Roman project) may be missing Story of the World - I walked in to see her reading the story book.

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Melissa said...

What a neat book! I love when others share great resources like this one. There is so much out there, it is so wonderful to see what is worth checking out! Thanks for sharing!

I am holding a giveaway-- stop by!

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