Friday, 11 February 2011

Proverbs 31 woman - week 1

Proverbs 31:10-12  
This week we had to ask ourselves the questions -are you a virtuous and capable wife more precious than rubies?  Does your husband trust you, and do you enrich his life?  Do you bring him good everyday?  and then write about something you would like to change about yourself, and something you love about yourself

There are 2 main areas I am focusing on changing this year - first I want to take more time to do the things I like. This is a hard one for me because between work, schooling, church and housework I have very little time left, but I was impressed by a fellow blogger who takes 1/2 and hour each day to do something and although I can't manage each day I am determined to take an hour or two each week to catch up on the long list of things I would like to do/make.
Second is to improve on exercise - embarrassingly DH and I did a kick boxing DVD and after the 10 min warm up I was ready to quit !
Until that point I hadn't realised how little stamina I had. My focus for the next two months is to get up before the kids (bearing in mind that the latest they stay in bed is 6:30am) and spend at least 20 mins building up my stamina.

I love that I am capable of turning my hand to anything - be it sewing or DIY or tax - if a problem arises DH and I sit down and think of a way to solve it - for example this week we needed to fit a new chimney flue as we were putting a wood burning stove in the dining room. Neither of us had done any roof work before but with a little help from you tube, lots of rope and even more prayers we managed to fit the flue and as I write I am toasty warm sitting by the fire :)

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