Tuesday, 8 February 2011

DD2's week

DD2 is feeling much better now and really back into school

Practical Life - She has been sweeping glitter hearts (although she got a bit bored and started picking them up with her fingers - oh well I'm sure fine motor control is better than practical life) rolling, mixing, spreading and baking.
She also got involved in chalkboard washing, dusting, setting the table and folding clothes (but not very well).

Fine Motor Control - picking up valentine glitter (unplanned but I think it should still count),
peg board games, inset shapes (drawing around them) and stickers

Sensorial - touch tablets, smelling bottles, fabric heart match, sensory tub (great idea from Counting Coconuts) and our pink tower (made in natural wood)

Math - counting claps and counting jumps (doubles as exercise)

Exercise - walking a straight line, yoga (control of movement) and climbing (tip to a local park climbing up to the slide) - still unsure if knowing how to climb a ladder is a good idea for a 2 yr old :(

She also enjoyed playing with her dressing heart.

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