Monday, 7 February 2011

Time Out - Valentine Dressing Game

I was reading some of the Homeschool Mothers Journal posts this weekend and was struck by something Musical Mary said over at home grown learners about taking some time out - she takes half an hour each day to do something - currently a knitting project.

Well I'm probably not going to manage 30 mins each day but decided I should take an hour or so each weekend to make the things I've been meaning to make for ages. So yesterday while DH was teaching the girls chess (and preventing DD2 from stealing the pieces) I took some time out to make a cute game for DD2 & DD4 to play - Valentine dressing.

Each heart has a different way of fastening - Velcro, popper, button, knotting and safety pin.
This was so quick to make and required minimal sewing, just some felt, glue and odds and ends - so go on, have a go.

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flowersfortheteacher said...

What a great idea! I'm really enjoying your blog, thank you.

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