Wednesday, 16 February 2011


The presentation for nouns is simple but very effective
You will need - picture of a black triangle (or a black pyramid if you have one), paper and black pen.

Say to the child - can you bring a, quickly go into the hallway and get a, Hurry!
The child will look confused as you haven't specified anything to bring - wait until they ask you what you want them to bring or say I don't know what you want.
Reply 'You don't know what to bring me as I haven't given you a name'
Ask the child their name - 'you all have names, if we look around there are millions of things with names'
'I am going to write a name' - write pen and ask the child to get a pen.
continue 2 or 3 times naming various objects

'How did you know to bring me a pen/book/teddy etc?' their response will be along the lines of  - because you told us. 'yes, because all these objects have a special name. We call these names nouns.'

Noun comes from the Latin nomen which means name. The name of something is a noun (person, place or thing)

Introduce the black pyramid/triangle - this black pyramid represents names, because just like names the pyramids are ancient. Nouns are probably the oldest part of speech.

We followed up with various worksheet games to reinforce the concept. (i.e. circle the noun in these sentences )

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Kerryanne Cummins said...

I am just starting this with my son, We are doing something nice to read how you do it to! Thank you for sharing.

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