Monday, 14 March 2011

Value for Money Schooling

Don't you just love it when children invent new uses for materials??

This my Apple Tree Counting game - DD4 uses it for number recognition, basically its a wooden card with 10 holes and a number written on the side, she has to place the correct number of 'apples' on the tree. (COE she only had enough apples for the numbers shes doing, not enough for the last number and shes gone wrong somewhere)
When she had finished with it today DD2 'borrowed' it and decided that it would be fun for fine motor skills (fitting the pegs in holes)
and that proved so much fun she carried on
and on
and on. It turned into a colour sorting exercise - some trees got red apples and some got yellow apples.

Next they were playing with their magnetic fishing game
which developed into sorting the different fish types (DD4's idea)
then matching the correct fish to the correct picture on the frame.

Bit of a bargain for a £1.50 charity shop game.


Crisc said...

Great activities! I'm your newest follower from the hop =)

Lizzie said...

Such industrious little ones! Happy HHH.

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