Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Elementary - our week so far.

DD6 & DD8 did some geometry revision.
DD8 went first, she started with a game - can you show me an acute angle etc.
DD6 had to name the angle I made and then make me whatever angle I called out.
then they progressed to naming the parts of an angle (side, amplitude & vertex) and making 3 part cards.

We have been working on Asia and our focus this week is China.
They had a paper doll to colour, draw the flag, find China on a map of Asia and reading various books. I am quiet excited for tomorrows lessons as I found a Chinese supermarket and have bought loads of foods for the girls to try. 
DD8 is working on factors and DD6 on multiplication. We also did some word problems as a quick revision of previous topics. DD6 has also been working on memorising her number bonds to 10.

DD6 is writing a story about a girl called Nettle and DD8 is doing some writing for her dolphin project.
DD6 has reviewed Suffixes and DD8 has been learning some Latin roots and their meanings (then playing guess the word games)

Working on memorising the elements on the periodic table and researching them (DD8 was doing calcium and after reading the book and writing up her finding she got to play with a pearl, a bone and some chalk to look at the different ways we find calcium in the natural world - DD6 was doing gold and silver and luckily I have some old jewellery that I was able to break down for her to play with, she also liked researching why silver tarnishes and cleaning an old silver cup)


Discovering Montessori said...

You guys really get busy and it is in a fun kinda way! I just ordered the geometric sticks can't wait to use them with my daughter. I really love your blog. Thank you for sharing.

Jodi said...

Busy and fun! Thanks for linking up! We just left South Korea and entered Japan for our study of countries. Perfect timing. However, we really enjoyed our time in China a few weeks ago! I love all the math you did! Thanks for sharing!

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