Thursday, 31 March 2011

Math - more number bonds

I have been working with DD6 to get her to memorise her number bonds. I used the ladybug cards (available on the download page) for number bonds to 10.
A while ago I saw another great idea for number bonds on fairy dust teaching where they are given a number card with the correct number of paper clips and they have to work out all the ways of creating that number by moving the clips to each side and recording their work. I recently bought some flower pegs and thought this would make a cute activity with my flower number flashcards (on download page).
In this example DD6 was given number card 7 and 7 pegs and her first task was to put all the pegs on the left side of the number card to create her first sum 7+0=7
next she had to move one peg across to the right side to create her next sum 6+1=7
and so on. At each stage she had to record the sum on her sheet (on download page)
This provided a great opportunity to discuss a+b=b+a again as some of the sums were the same just inverted. She drew a line under the key facts she needed to know and wrote 'same' next to the rest to show she already knew them.
She seemed to really enjoy this and asked for additional recording sheets to look at the other numbers.

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pinecone304 said...

These are some great ideas. I plan to use them with my son.

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