Saturday, 12 March 2011

Proverbs 31 woman - wk 5

Week 5:  Proverbs 31:22-24  Are you or a family member always hunting for a clean pair of socks?  Does the laundry seem to be getting the best of you?  Maybe you are always behind on doing the dishes.  Write a post sharing  how you deal with the never ending loads of laundry and dishes.

Do we ever truly deal with the laundry??
As I sit here writing I am skiving from the never ending pile of laundry that builds up - with 4 small girls who love to play its easy for them to get changed 2 or 3 times a day :(

I try to keep a tight rein on the housework and the girls all help out with their chores but we do often experience a 'bad week' like last week when I was down with flu - the fact that I had prepared lessons meant we got through them all ok but the housework did slide - as a result I spent 4 hours cleaning on Fri - NOT FUN - and the girls were playing and I sooo wanted to join in.

As a general rule I try to stay on top by doing abit each night and having them do their chores first thing in the morning - this lets me spend the day with/focus on the girls and this way I don't miss the important things like seeing them 'teach' each other or being there to answer questions or seeing the hugs they give each other or the smiles on their faces when they see an egg hatch etc...

My big secret - I've learnt not to stress if someone is wearing odd socks today (DD4) or if I haven't hoovered yet. I know cleanliness is next to godliness and I'm still working on it.

PS sorry I missed last week but was ill - FYI re preparing ourselves/children we do insist they know how to make the basic foods (bread, pasta etc), sew clothes (DD8 has made 2 dresses), save money, grow veg and pay tithes.
We are slowly building a food storage and savings storage. I am also striving to prepare our family spiritually to turn to the Lord in times of stress - they already know they can pray and receive answers to any questions they have and they know where to turn to for help.


Kimberly said...

we all need maids and servants.

Laundry- the boys help out (I taught them young- back when they needed a step stool to get to he dials)
They do a load in the morning. I do a load in the afternoon
I hate socks and don't know if they have clean ones most the time.
I give them their clothes in a basket and they do something with it.
Some weeks we live out of the laundry basket it seems.

Post Imperfect said...

Hi Zelda:
Have you heard of FlyLady? ( I love her!!!
PS - would you mind taking my surname off the laundry detergent post? ta

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