Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tot School and Pre K

DD4 got a magazine last weekend and it contained a basic addition page - she was desperate to fill in it but I told her she didn't know how to do it so she should wait (the best way to convince them they want to learn it now) and I would put in in her drawers during the week.
Well she decided that it wasn't good enough and collared DD6 - the two of them sat down on a Saturday afternoon with DD6 teaching DD4 basic addition (she held up 2 fingers on her left hand and 3 fingers on her right hand, plussed them by putting her hands side by side and got DD4 to count the answer)
This is the finished result - they had so much fun together and  I'm sure it made for great bonding.
DD4 kindly 'reminded' me (aka whined) that I hadn't put addition in her drawers yet so I created a quick game last night and popped it in this morning. Basically I took a 3 part tray to contain the numbers and symbol, created a 'tree' and gave her some hanging mini eggs (I know its not Easter yet but I just used what I had) once hung she had to count the answer. She loved it and it was smiles all round.
She used her sand box to write the plus symbol so she could get used to it.
DD4 also worked on numbers again by putting some number stickers in the correct order and getting out the ladybug number recognition game.
Her science drawer today was magnetic and non magnetic - she had to sort the items into two piles using the magnet provided. DD2 loved this as well although hers developed more into a game of going around the house to see what the magnet would stick to.
DD2 emptied her drawers out today and refilled them with puzzles - who am I to argue - I left her to it and she had a whale of a time.
For PL (practical life) today they ditched the folding game I'd prepared and decided to make a fruit platter for snack time.
Their finished article (and yes, I did the oranges) 


Sarah said...

What cuties!!!

Tracy said...

What great fun and activities! I love the hanging egg tree for addition. I'm going to have to remember that one! Thanks for linking up to NOBH! It's been fun following your great ideas!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love your counting activity using the egg tree! Very good idea! Kerri

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