Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday Fun

We had a more relaxed day today.
DD2 & DD4 played for ages with their spring sensory tub (yellow feathers, spring animal toys, wooden eggs, fabric flowers etc)
as well as some new letter activities for DD4 - my favourite being create the letter with tangram shapes.

They also enjoyed an Asian animal magnification game and find the Chinese dragon (hidden under a numbered lantern – so many ways to play with this) both of these were from making learning fun.
All the girls got to try their hand at ‘writing’ the Chinese characters for number 1 – 10 and had a play with the costume and fan (it was so cute seeing DD4 try and do the oriental buttons up).
DD6 & DD8 did some more research into life in China and Japan and we discussed the recent earthquake and tsunami with it impacts on life there and how they could help (both have decided to donate some of their money to a relief effort).


Mommy of 3 said...

It looks like you had a great day. The sensory bin looks like so much fun! I love that the kids had a play with the costume and the fan. How creative! Great way to bring current events into the school day. Thanks for sharing.

Sunroom Journeys! said...

Thank you for sharing. It looks like they had a great day!

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