Thursday, 24 March 2011

Our workboxes today

One of the best things about HS is the ability to school anywhere.
Today DD6 decided she wanted me to read out her spelling words while I was in the shower : ) she sat outside and as I called them out she called back the spelling - I think she had an aversion to writing today.

DD4 decided she was fed up with the table and sat on the school room bin.
DD8 was conventional and went for the beanbags.

DD2's drawers had an opening exercise (zip, jar, clip purse and pull off lid)

sensory bin, puzzle, filling bottle (she opens the lid and fills her bottle with little spring themed flower beads) and drawing paper.

DD4 had letter o worksheets (from confessions of a homeschooler and 1+1+1=1), math eggs, number templates, paper doll from china and salt tray/sandpaper letter.

DD6 had reading, math, geometry (drawing angles), spelling(which she did before school), creative writing and a logic puzzle game.
DD8 had copywork (The voice of Spring by Mary Howitt), geometry test sheet, periodic table 3 part cards, creative writing and a ladybug mini unit - she requested this because she befriended a ladybug in the garden (built it a little home and everything) and wasn't pleased when I didn't know much about it or it needs.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Love DD2's open and close basket.

happy's mommy said... the purse! SO cute!


Tracy said...

Talk about multi-tasking! Taking a shower and yelling out spelling words at the same time! :) Cute!
Looks like a great week of school no matter where they ended up doing their work!
Thank you for stopping by my St. Joseph Feast Day post and leaving a comment :)

Airamty said...

Hi..I just found your blog and love all your activities...and workboxes ideas..Thanks for sharing!

Kristina said...

just letting you know I'm reading :-)

The Adventurer said...

You do shower school too:) I thought that was only me:)

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