Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Still life

This morning was sunny for the first time in ages so we absconded to the garden to look at flowers and see how our veggies were growing.

We collected a couple of nice blooms and popped them in a vase to draw

they had great fun learning to draw what they actually see not what they think they see.

On a side note, lessons have been very light over the last 2 days due to a nit outbreak  - which necessitated  brushing with a nit comb through all that curly hair (sigh) DD8's took over 65mins to brush : (


Anonymous said...

ohh no!!!! i hope everyone gets healed! love the drawings!! they look wonderful! Kayla @ The Arrowood Zoo

melismama said...

bummer about the nits....but the drawings were awesome! Thanks for sharing at NOBH

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