Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Advanced Practical Life

DD8 and DD6 have been working on a number of advance PL activities and I though this would be a good time to share.

They are both knitting a doll with various outfit changes (with Nanny's help)

DD8 has also been working with her loom

Both have french knitting kits that they have been slowly working on - I think they are making a scarf for me for Christmas because they keep hiding their work (and then forgetting where its hidden)

and they are all super excited about a new book called ''felties'' and have each picked one to make.


Stephanie said...

Do your girls sew? Bunny (age 5) wants to sew so badly and I am trying to find some good ideas to help teach her. Do you have any ideas? I love the girls dolls too! They are amazing! Great work!

Julia said...

Yes, I agree. I'd like to teach my girls (5 & 6) more sewing skills. How do you start out?

Zelda said...

Hi Julia
We started by teaching them to thread a needle and then moved onto different types of stitches using a plastic canvas. Then they got to make little rectangular pouched using different stitches and sewing on ribbons and buttons to decorate - once they had mastered all that they moved on to simple patterns (like the ones here )
Hope that helps

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