Wednesday, 13 July 2011

K activities

 DD4 has had a busy week so far - she's worked on life cycles
 had the 'introduction to quantity' presentation and 3 part lesson

decorated a new box - this is currently her favourite activity - she has been know to claim a box before its contents have been used :) 
 penny polishing again (and again)
 and using the new mosaic toy
This toy has proven popular - DD6 and DD8 commandeered it once the younger girls had finished


Jill Stanish said...

May I ask where you got the mosaic activity? Looks like a lot of fun!

Sharla said...

The penny polishing is a great idea! Some of my kids would really like that one. Is it a kit that you buy?

Zelda said...

Penny polishing is one you make - take a dropper bottle, fill with lemon juice, add a pot of salt, small spoon, pennies and a cloth.
You start by showing them what to do (take coin, add drops of lemon juice and spoon of salt then polish)and leave them to it.
Have fun :)

Zelda said...

The mosaic was a gift from another HS family and one that she had for years.
You can find similar ones on amazon under magnetic mosaics.

Maureen said...

The life cycle manipulative is really cool! Did you make it or buy it? Looks like a fun week!

Zelda said...

I bought this years ago from Galt -it's basically a felt bag with a large circle on the front (the circle has velcro dots and arrows)the lifecycle sets are in little plastic bags inside and are just photos laminated with a velcro dot on the back.

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