Thursday, 14 July 2011

Don't you just love it when they make their own lessons

Last night I was desperately trying to finish some sewing for school and left the sewing box out. When I got up this morning I found the girls had pulled all the spools of thread out and were playing with it - thankfully, before I could tell them off, I listened to what they were doing - DD8 and DD4 were helping DD2 match the 'mummy' threads to the 'baby' threads by colour and checking the names with her :)

once they had finished that they decided to use them as building blocks
Later in the day, while playing in the garden DD6 & DD8 decided they were going to do 'school' - they made some leaf books (leaves held together with a stick) and wrote in them with a stylus made from a twig and were having writing and spelling lessons.

it was great to see such imaginative and educational play.


April said...

Wonderful! I wouldn't have been so patient with the sewing box, but I'm glad you paid attention first. :) Sweet girls, and the leaf books were a very creative idea, weren't they!

Crystal said...

Sounds like a great school day!

Helpful Teacher said...

I love it when my kids "stumble" upon lessons themselves, too! Sounds like they had a good time.

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