Monday, 2 May 2011

Unplanned Practical Life

I was busy making a lasagna for dinner when DD2 decided that the pasta machine was hers and she wanted to take over (just a quick note - I am not a pasta maker by choice DH has a wheat intolerance so I have to make our pasta using spelt flour instead of wheat - I would much rather use lasagna sheets from a packet, mmm, but then I would have missed all this fun)

The pasta has to be fed through the machine 7-10 times before its ready for use.
Here she is carefully feeding it in , minding her fingers and turning the handle.

after a while DD6 decided it also looked like fun and had a go.

For any who want to know -  the recipe for pasta is simply 3oz plain flour (spelt in our case) to 1 medium egg (for best results the egg should be at room temperature not straight from the fridge) blend together and feed through the pasta machine (taking care to fold after each feed and flour the outside if it gets sticky)


Kimberly said...

I have wanted a pasta machine for awhile. looks like fun!

April said...

glad they were minding their fingers! looks like a great experience! :)

Crisc said...

Very cool Ive never seen a machine like that

Stephanie said...

I love unplanned lessons! It looks like fun!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love unplanned lessons!

Slightly envious of your pasta machine. Definitely on my wish list!


JEANIE said...

I have a son that is Gluten Intolerant. I do not think I would want to go to the trouble of making noodles, but I am not much of a cook. i does look like fun, though. Good Job! I am coming in from the NOBH.


Twice is Nice Blog

Tracy said...

Such fun! I love the pasta maker! We have never seen one or used one. That's so neat your kids enjoy helping! Thanks for sharing on NOBH!

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