Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Periodic Table and Painting

DD6 & DD8 started their crystal growing kit today - only thought I'd share because they looked too funny in their goggles not to.

They spent the rest of the morning doing their periodic table/Mendeleev research (although I did catch them looking up Modern Humans instead of Mendeleev in their research book)

DD2 & DD4 spent most of the morning painting and the older 2 joined in when they had finished.
I was very impressed by DD2's caterpillar


noreen said...

Hi Zelda, love the pictures of your children working hard and their art work!

The Adventurer said...

hi Zelda,
I just bought a crystal set and we are going to be doing it next year or sooner. Kids do look cute in their goggles:) Thans for linking up the NOBY

happy's mommy said...

That is one seriously cute caterpillar!


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