Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New Montessori shelves

As we've decided to reorganise our schoolroom (the girls requested individual desks to prevent work getting spoilt by DD2) I 'borrowed' a display shelf from our shop. It is large and not the ideal shelf for Montessori equipment but it works for me as DD2 can't reach the top where I now store all our elementary work (including the small beads that necessitated a trip to hospital to have one surgically removed from DD2's ear)
DD2 & DD4 were the first in the schoolroom this morning and they explored for hours : )
DD2 started with the knobless cylinders but didn't quiet manage to get them right
DD4 joined in with some of her own

and after a few demonstrations from her DD2 got it right (she seemed so happy)
I have no idea how this tower managed to stay upright :)

DD4 then decided it would be great to demonstrate all the PL materials to her sister - she started with whisking

carefully demonstrating it to DD2 then trying to 'help' her do it

(we gave in here and changed the cup for a bowl which made it easier for DD2 but did create more spillages)

She also tried to teach her to plait but didn't have much success.
DD2 gave in and picked up her favourite coin activity instead.
Overall they seem thrilled with the new set up. I think the shelves are still too crowded but that will change when I get the last one up (hopefully by tomorrow if I'm not too exhausted tonight)

I'm linking this up to Montessori Monday.


Stephanie said...

Looks great! :) Have fun with all your learning!

Ewa said...

DD2 is such an lovely spirit, Love the way DD4 is trying to help her by giving lessons of her own. Great shelf.
Have a beautiful day

Annie Moffatt said...

SO many great ideas! I will be back;)

Leptir said...

Looks great!

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