Thursday, 19 May 2011


DH complains that I have an online affair with Montessori Print Shop - I spend way too much time browsing (and buying) their beautiful 3 part cards : )

Yesterday they released a brand new freebie (yes - FREE) that created a wonderful extra activity for the girls today. The freebie is called Animal Camouflage and you can download it here (along with all their other freebies)
I started the activity by making them stand around a tray with their eyes closed
on the tray I had a white and pink piece of paper with pink butterfly cutouts scattered over both. They had to open their eyes for 5 seconds and answer the question - if you were a bird which patch of butterflies would you go to for lunch? - they all opted for white paper apart from DD8 who decided she would have both (greedy or what??)
Next they had to count the butterflies in each pile to see which patch held the most (the pink) and it launched nicely into a discussion about camouflage and how it benefits animals. (pointers kindly provided by Montessori Print Shop here)
Finally they all worked with the 3 part cards
They had so much fun that I went back and bought another two sets for them to use tomorrow.

I haven't been asked or solicited to write this review - I am just very impressed by the product and the kindness of Montessori Print Shop in offering for free.


Waterfront Montessori said...

oooooo that's a really fun and creative activity. I'm downloading it right now... thanks for sharing!

The Adventurer said...

Sounds like a great activity I am going off to explore:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

Molly's Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm a public school Montessori teacher. My kids will love this lesson. It goes along great with the book "What Color is Camouflage?" that I read to the class every year. And when my LO gets older(she's 11 months now), I'm sure she'll enjoy them too.

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