Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter Formation

DD8 was lucky today and was invited to Eden Camp (WW2 museum) with some friends so it left the other girls at home without her.

DD2 was happy enjoying some extension work with the knobless cylinders (from Montessori Print Shop)
DD4 did some work on letter formation, she started with her sandpaper letter then moved to rainbow letters - if you've not done this before you should try it as it's really effective.
You start with a yellow highlighter and 'show' the child the correct formation
then it's their turn to use different coloured highlighters to trace over the letter using the correct formation - this creates a wonderful rainbow effect.

as you can see DD4 thought it was great fun and continued for a while (it was her idea to then draw each letter in its own colour so I could see what colours she used)

DD6 was doing some work on factors

but the younger girls equipment proved too much fun

she even found a use for the sandpaper letters - she started with teaching her sisters the vowels then progressed to using them to show the sign language alphabet
DD2 didn't mind sharing as she got to use the highlighters
and even got a turn on the pegboard (but after our last adventure I did count the beads after she had finished - twice!)


Kayla said...

Sounds wonderful! I love reading about what you do in your homeschool!! Thats a wonderful idea with the highlighters. Where did you get your sandpaper letters?

Deb Chitwood said...

Wonderful Montessori activities! I love the concentration in your photos! I featured your knobless cylinders and knobless cylinder pattern cards photo at

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