Tuesday, 24 January 2012

We choose virtues TOS review

We were recently asked to review We Choose Virtues. We were provided with the Virtue Clue Cards, Family Character Assessment, Colouring Book and the Teacher Handbook.
The Virtue Clue Cards are 12 business cards that contain a description of the virtue and image of the character. They come in a handy plastic wallet which makes taking them out the house very easy.
The colouring book contains a picture of each individual character.
The teacher handbook was amazing, its full of  insightful ideas for teaching the virtues along with real life stories and tips.
The family assessment sheet was a real eye opener - we did a before and after version and the change was reassuring to see :)

Currently the virtue cards are $5.99, the family assessment is free, the colouring book is $3.00 and the teacher handbook is $4.99 for a download and $19.99 for a hard copy. 

We have enjoyed using these cards and it's been great to have a virtue on display each week. 
(The fact that I can name a character each time I have to pull the girls up on behaviour is working well for their recollection) I would like to have seen some scripture references available on the cards to back up the virtues but there is a list available on their web page here and there is a set available that does contain the scripture references along with additional tips. 

You can check out what the other crew members thought at TOS Cew

I was provided with a fee copy of the materials in exchange for an honest review of the product.

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