Thursday, 12 January 2012

School catch up.

Its been an interesting school week here. We've managed to squeeze alot in to a small amount of time and I'm wishing tomorrow was Saturday and not Friday ; )

We started the week focusing on our simple machines unit by looking at inclined planes (ramps and screws)
Lilly and Sunflower decided to count all the coins in the change jar (almost £30)
Both Lilly and Sunflower have been working on fraction addition,
finishing their animal research, poetry and building challenges.

Tulip has worked with the insets
while Rose has focused on her numbers.
Rose and Tulip worked hard to create a Chinese Dragon for our co-op class
where the girls explored various activities including food tasting with chopsticks, calligraphy, mah jong, Chinese zodiac, making paper lanterns, leaning about the panda and building a great wall of China.

Lilly has also decided she wants to progress from recorder to the flute and has made a good start this week.


The Zookeeper said...

Looks like a wonderful week. I agree wishing it was Saturday tomorrow :)

umm3 said...

Just stumbled by your blog-it's a treasure chest! Thankyou sooo much for sharing.

Where did you purchase the patterns for the blocks? i was thinking it's a great way to recycle the tots block sets for older kids

Zelda said...

Thanks for visiting. These cards are the Learning resources creative colour cubes fom amazon
you can buy as cards and cubes or just cards.

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