Friday, 6 January 2012

Real Homeschool Spanish TOS review

Relax, Enjoy, Aspire and Learn

Comforting words when you consider my foreign language skills are non-existent, I've been looking at various curriculum for a while so when the chance to review REAL Homeschool Spanish came up I was very excited.

I received the download version, which did involve alot of printing and binding.(available as hard copy for $89.95 or download for $49.95 - both packages include the book, activity book, answer book, and audio files. There is also a Daily Curriculum Guide for an additional $10)

This curriculum is created specifically for homeschoolers enabling the whole family to learn together whilst using it in their daily lives and conversation - a must for any true learning to occur.
The curriculum is organised into 10 units.  Each unit has 33 vocabulary clusters and 15 "idea" sections full of fun suggestions to extend the learning experience.  The activity book provides plenty of pen and paper practise.  The Daily curriculum guide breaks the planning down into 48 weeks for a traditional school year and there are free cultural links are available on the website.

As this is written to use either individually or with children of different ages simultaneously, it is working well for us. The older girls (7 & 9) appreciate the paper activities and the younger ones (3 & 5) laugh at my pronunciation efforts (yes, the audio files have a dual purpose - to teach you the correct pronunciation and to humiliate Mum)
I found the Tips for the Home Educator section very useful and found the email support very beneficial.
Overall I like this product and I've noticed that my skills are improving - at least now it won't be so  embarrassing as I won't need my 9yo to order food for us (yes my Spanish was that poor)

If you want to try some free lessons click here and you can see my shipmates reviews over at the crew blog

I was provided with a free copy of Real Homeschool Spanish so I could provide an honest review.

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christian homeschooling said...

Your activities are helpful. I might do it at home with my kids. I think they will like it. Thank you.

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