Wednesday, 18 January 2012


The girls poetry lesson this week was on limericks and they made me smile so much I just had to share.

There was a young lady called Nelda,
who met a young man who would hold her.
They married in Mach
and dined on corn starch,
'till the man's arms stretched when he held her.

There was a young man called Nat
who wanted to buy a cat.
But the cat he bought
was not the right sort.
It gave birth to six tigers, that's that.

A girl lay down on the floor,
hidden by her blanket near the door.
When Dad came in ,
he trod on her chin
and she never lay on the floor anymore.

There was a young man with a cat,
who put the cats basket on a mat.
He went out shopping,
but came back hopping,
to find the cat asleep in his hat!

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