Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Introduction to Electricity

I presented the following tray (torch and balloon) and asked:
If they knew why the torch worked?
How we turned it on?
What would happen if we left it on? 
What's inside it that makes it work?
We discussed how electricity makes it all work. Then I showed them the balloon and asked if they knew why it was on the tray (static electricity). We used this as a launching point to discuss the two types of electricity (current and static) and a quick history of electricity.

I then provided them with a circuit set and asked if they could make the light bulb work

after a few trials they got it working - which provided a great opportunity to discuss the rules that make circuits work.

we then changed our circuit slightly so we could test the conductivity of various materials (paperclip, plastic, rubber, wood, nail etc.)
and researched why certain materials conduct electricity.

The older girls wrote up their work while Tulip worked with her pink reading.

Rose used her trays again
and a tree puzzle
Both Lilly and Sunflower worked on their Latin.

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The Zookeeper said...

Looks like a fun day!! We got a electricity kit for a gift and we have it stashed away to learn about soon!! Great help from your post!! Thanks!

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