Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Elementary Autumn Activity

both Lilly and Sunflower wrote some autumn simile's

Colours as bright as a jewel.
The pumpkin as orange as fire.
The days are as short as your last mouthful of cake.
The air is as cold as snow.

Lilly. (it kind of turned into half a limerick)
With colours as bright as a rainbow.
And the air as cold as snow.
With the sow in the shed .
And the children in bed.
The parents are snoring lightly.

They also collaborated to create an acrostic poem which they decorated with their leaf rubbings.

Autumn is fun with pretty colours too.
Under the ground different animals store their food.
Time to jump in the puddle with our wellies on.
Umbrellas protect us from the rain.
Many, many leaves fall to the ground.
No more summer!!

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