Tuesday, 6 September 2011

water electrolysis and preschol fun.

Lilly had some science work today - she was seperating water into hydrogen and oxygen using a battery and pencil leads.
she was very impressed when she could finally see the bubbles appearing on each electrode.(oxygen on one and hydrogen on the other - she was convinced the electrode with the larger bubbles was hydrogen as there are more hydrogen molecules than oxygen molecules in water)

Tulip was working some more with her sound basket and cvc reading but her favourite activity of the day was her space puzzle - seemed someone else liked it too.

Rose worked with our pink tower - as a space saver I bought the nesting pink tower (in natural) from Absorbent Minds and just putting it away in the right order proved a great extension activity

she also worked with her colour beanbags - I would call a colour and she would thow it to me to catch.

Sunflower did some history and then worked some more on her 'space book' - she wrote up some facts about Jupiter and Saturn and added them to her collection, when this is finished she wants to bind the book and add a cover  - she has already made the cover, homemade textured paint (white paint mixed with flour) for the moon and glitter paint for the stars.


Stephanie said...

Wow! Great work! :)

Unknown said...

Love the pictures! From the crew, stopping by to say hi! Roberta from Pondering on the Prairie (www.prairiepeavey.blogspot.com) Now following on GFC. Blessings!

The Adventurer said...

Love the names your children pick. We are just about to begin molecules and the water experiment sounds like fun:)

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