Friday, 16 September 2011

Apples, Magnets and letter formation

Its been a little weird this week - Tulip has tonsillitis (again!) so that's always fun : (
We've introduced some new activity trays for magnets this week. We've done magnetic and non magnetic before so to make it slightly different I introduced a 'metal detector' (a magnet they had to tape onto a pencil) and a non magnetic metal (copper).

they also had an activity tray for induced magnetism to could create a magnetic sculpture.

which proved too much fun - they kept running off to collect other bits to attach to it :)

Over the last two days Sunflower and Lilly have worked on constellations, full lifecycle of stars, factors (inspired by this) and Ancient Egypt.

Rose has 'helped' Tulip with her letter formation, pin punching constellations and she borrowed the older girls cussinare rods - am thinking it might now be time to finish painting up my number rods.

Tulip's favourite was letter formation - I would chalk a letter on the board, she would make its sound then draw over it with a wet finger, she loved helping Rose trace over the letters too.
Nanny came up with a great experiment for the girls, someone mentioned that apple seeds sprout better when they have been soaked in water first - she got the girls to design an experiment to see if this was true, they even decided to find out if the temperature of the water would effect the sprouting (boiling, warm and cold)


Jen said...

Thanks for linking up at the blog roll! Don't forget to grab the button! :D

Amanda said...

Awesome week! I found you through the workboxes group. Follow up on the apple seed experiment. I'm curious. I've never had any luck sprouting the seeds.

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