Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Autumn nature table

I realised I missed the first official day of Autumn and that we still had a seaside based nature table from our summer theme.

In an effort to remedy this the girls and I set out to collect the start of our (late) autumn table - we found various seed pods - which lead to a great recap about the various methods plants use to spread their seeds (and Sunflower's comment that the birds really should realise that her swing was NOT a great place to deposit their seed poo)
and Nanny kindly provided the best resource yet, lupine seeds! Tulip has a very tactile nature and these seeds are soft and fury to the touch so needless to say she hasn't left them alone and can be seen at various times, rubbing them gently in her fingers or on her cheeks :) I am now on the hunt for some pussy willow for her.
she also decided yesterday to sit down and draw everything on the table.


belzi23 said...

You've not missed the first day of Autumn yet - not that you'd know it by the weather. Equinox is on 23rd Sept this year :0)

Zelda said...

That's great!
I had a great idea for an autumn party and was really upset when I thought I'd missed it.

Thanks XX

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