Friday, 8 April 2011

Living Geometry

I mentioned that we've discovered the Sir Cumference books - I wanted to show you what we had done with the first 2.
The first story introduces the characters - Sir Cumference, Lady Di Ameter and their son Radius - and the story shows how they relate to the circle. The girls understood this with ease and loved the way the story flowed. In the second book a tragedy unfolds and Radius has to work out Pi to rescue his father - this seemed abit harder to grasp so we set about creating notebook pages to reinforce the concept.
First they drew 3 circles with the compasses and labelled the diameter, radius and circumference.

Next they moved onto Pi. We started with a big circle and they had to cut a length of ribbon for the diameter.
they measured 3 lengths (using the diameter as a guide) and stuck them around the circumference of the circle
 and finally write up an explanation.
I just love DD8's comments  - 'notice Greek!' and 'diameter goes from the top to bottom (not the rude bottom)' - really made me chuckle.


The Adventurer said...

I have to get these books they look great and my kids do much better with stories. Going to check out amazon right now:)

Tracy said...

I have heard of these books before, but do not own them (yet) :) This looks like a fun lesson to go with the books! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!

The Teachers Wife said...

Following from the blog hop! :) Would love to have you come by!

Umm Umamah said...

I simply Love your geometry posts....please keep them coming. The coming schol year I will be starting our math with geometry so will be linking back to you. Right now I am just busy printing out geometry Montessori printbles and laminating them. I am so excited as my kids love geometry so it will be a fun start for the new school year.

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