Monday, 4 April 2011

Grammar - preposition

We played a great game to discuss prepositions.
Bring the children to the rug laid with a couple of objects (I used a bag and a hat)
Ask the child to put the bag on them, under them, behind them, around them etc. be as playful as you can.
Write down the actions performed.(write the preposition in green and other words in black)
Review what has happened asking 'where?' to prompt the children. i.e. where did the bag start / go next?
Cut out all the green words and arrange as a list - read them.
Explain that this list of words tells us where the objects are in relation to each other, they are usually placed before the noun and put objects in position or relation to each other - we call this a preposition (show the symbol - green bridge) (write preposition on a slip of paper and place over the column of green words)
We get this from the Latin praeponere which means 'to place before'

The next part of the game was to rip up the sentence strips and jumble the words - i.e. 'throw the chair on the bag' or 'on the bag, throw the chair' to see if you could put the preposition in another place, they soon realised you can't. This was followed with a write up and sentence analysis ( using grammar stickers to correctly label each word)
This proved so much fun - DD8 was in fits of giggles when I put the hat on my foot.


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Mary said...

Thanks for this idea. Looks fun!

asliceofsmithlife said...

We are studying prepositions with my son's Shirley English program and this looks like a fun game to understand this better! Thanks for sharing on NOBH!

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