Thursday, 14 April 2011

Large Bead Frame - place value and long multiplication

The older girls have been working with the Large Bead Frame today.
DD6 has been using it to perfect her place value to millions by playing a game - she would make a number for me to guess and if I guessed right it was then my turn to make a number for her to guess.
DD8 has been using it for long multiplication and as a precursor to two digit multipliers.
They used the frame with the accompanying bead frame paper (available on my download page).


Jodi said...

We have an abacus . . . but I haven't used it much. You've inspired me to bring it out! Thanks for linking up!

Tracy said...

We use our abacus with the Right Start Math program I use with my son. It is a great math manipulative and it helps teach the trading/borrowing with subtracting in a way that makes sense. Thanks for sharing on NOBH!

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