Monday, 24 January 2011

What we did today.

DD4 has been working on the letter L - we used a selection of the worksheets from combined with the sand tray and alphabet box

We use our alphabet boxes in a slightly different way.
As you can see below - I have a wooden cutout of the letter attached to the top of the box with blue-tac so they can see and feel what letter they are doing, then there are four stickers where they place each item beginning with the right sound. (We had a slight problem today as she thought the lamb was a sheep) The incorrect items are placed off to the side.

 We are also working on number 5 - again we use the sand tray for this with some homemade sandpaper cards and we have a sticker activity book.
Next we played a game of hedgehog counting from ELC.

Her final area of work was History and she cut and pasted some pictures from the Evan Moor Roman History pockets we are using.

DD6 started with reading a chapter from her book followed by a time revision game, then creating a compound word game for Daddy to play tonight (She did compound words last week so this was abit of a test to see how much she remembered), Geometry was the small hexagonal box followed by revising Hundred,Tens and Units (available on my Download page). She again finished with her Roman project.

DD8 started with conversion from Digital to Analogue time (will post the worksheet later in the week), measurements (both Inches and cm), Geography was additional Landforms (used 3 part cards from Montessori Printshop and created her own information book), Roman project and creative writing (I think that will be a whole other post all on its own)

DD2 is unwell - she has a bad cold - so Grandma kindly came over to play with her.

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Well done:) also she has pretty hairs.

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