Friday, 28 January 2011

Creative writing or an eye opener?

All along I have been convinced that DD8 is a visual learner as she best understands something once shes seen it.
I got a wake up call this week when she called creative writing 'boring' and wanted to go back to her 'old writing lessons' - this coming from a child who would rather write stories than play with toys  ?!
I asked her to explain what she meant and she said she preferred when she had a piece of blank writing paper in her drawer with an object to create a story around rather then the really colourful picture pages I had spent hours downloading, printing and categorising for her.
Go figure - turns out shes more kinesthetic than I thought ( which would also explain why it's soooooo hard for her to sit still )

So now we've stopped these (resources from teachers pet - If anyone wants a copy of these pages you can download them for free here.)

and we are back to this.
Blank story pages are available on my Download page.

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