Sunday, 24 May 2015

Kinetic and Potential Energy Activities

We started with a discussion about energy - they knew a fair bit from the physics activity last week and some books they'd read (can't be destroyed, measured in joules etc) then looked at a couple of videos explaining the differences between potential and kinetic energy - their favourite used clips from Hoodwinked to explain.

They then explored the different types of potential energy.

We created two slopes and used these to discuss which would have the greatest potential gravitational energy and which would turn into the greatest kinetic energy (and which ball would win the race)

Catapults are a must when exploring elastic potential energy :)
We used our Da Vinci catapult indoors

then chose to make a big one in the garden, turning over my garden table and attaching elastic to the legs.

We discussed batteries and how they store potential chemical energy (I did want to create a circuit but all the bits are still packed up). Lilly asked a question 'Does that mean baking soda and vinegar have potential chemical energy?' which lead to some good research for them.

They had to write some notes for their folders to finish.

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Erica Smith said...

This is superb idea. These type of science activities/experiments should be carried out in every schools that makes students understand Science more easily. And they can understand the science in a much better way.

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