Monday, 11 May 2015

Exploring Acids and Bases

We've spent the last week learning all about acids and bases. The discussion started with definition of and properties of acids and bases followed by a few hands on activities.

We had to start with red cabbage indicator (the water from boiled red cabbage leaves) 

Rose got carried away with this one and ended up testing everything she could juice (including cucumbers)

The girls then moved onto bursting balloons with acid from citrus fruits (I knew this worked for lemons but did the rest on a test of faith) - just be aware that it only works with a fully blown up balloon and once the juice is on it takes about 40 seconds to react.

The girls did try to use the juice from the fruit but it didn't work - the easiest way was when they cut off a portion of the skin and then squeezed it over the balloon.

They had also heard that red cabbage juice could be used to reveal invisible ink (lemon Juice writing) this did work but was very faint, they decided heat was a better revealer. 

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