Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cracking Narration

For years I've been using narration successfully with my older girls - however Rose (6yr) has always struggled with it - either she just repeats the last sentence back to me, or you can hear her chanting under her breath the fact she wants to share with us.

This week I asked her why she wasn't listening and her reply was 'my brain just doesn't remember', this prompted me to give her loads of examples where she does remember but she still didn't seem happy. This worried me so I took it right back to the basics and made up three daft stories I asked her questions about it and to tell me what came next in the story - she managed to remember all the facts and got so excited by her 'skills' that she decided she would tell me stories and ask me to narrate them back. She especially likes when I get an answer mixed up.

Needless to say I finally have a youngest who is happy during our narration exercises and nips into bed every morning to play 'brain games' :)

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