Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Love Bug

Lilly got excited by valentines day and created a 'Love Bug'.

The translation is - heart imprinted teeth and sharp claws to hold onto it's victims.

The love bug is like a mosquito, it drinks blood but instead of carrying deadly diseases when it bites you, a toxin in it's salvia makes you fall in love!

Girls - fluttering eyelashes, blushing and leg popping.
Boys - flexing muscles, flirting (more than usual) and showing off their strength.

It crawls into your bed to wait
And then when you come home late
So tired you don't even notice it
And all of a sudden you've been bit
The next thing you know
Your movements are slow
And you find yourself falling in love
You feel like a dove
Flying up high in the sky
You're in Love

Maybe next year we'll make some bugs : )

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