Saturday, 21 February 2015

Coding and Codes workshop

Our local Home Ed group ran a coding activity at the kids request (during our politics activity they voted in a number of activities for the next few months)

There was a logical coding game where they had to follow a series of instructions and see if the ended up on the right square on the grid,

a codes table where they wrote secret messages in milk and lemon (once dry they are invisible until heated), learnt about mirror writing (Da Vinci's code - he wrote all his notebooks in mirror writing.) The easiest way is to write in feltpen on a piece of paper and turn it over for them to copy.

They also made cypher wheels

and hidden 'scratch off' messages.

There was a Lego educational centre where they had to build and program a special Lego robot and see if it obeyed its programming.

In the afternoon they did a big version of the coding game using the kids as the game pieces and learnt about semaphore (we missed these as we had to leave early)

They also had a laptop running with scratch a free coding game for kids.

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