Thursday, 26 February 2015

Four States of Matter - part 2

We revisited our work from yesterday using the pom pom cards I'd made, then moved on to how these changes happen. After discussing that heating and cooling can cause the states of matter to change we set right to with melting some sweets in the oven (except for the marshmallow which we did over a candle flame) Please note the sweets come out very hot so use cocktail sticks to explore them in their liquid state then let them cool and turn solid again.


Rose got very excited at this point as she had frozen some orange juice earlier in the week - she rushed to the freezer and proudly showed her sisters how it changed when frozen.

We also played with ice cream soda floats - just because it loosely fit into the lesson plan so provided a good excuse.

They breathed on a cold glass to look at condensation and looked at evaporation from our boiling kettle.

The girls played a game I had made with the pom pom cards

which was a great form of revision.

and used the same cards to map out the whole cycle

then they finished by making more posters.

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