Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Space unit - day 1

This was the tray that greeted the girls today
it started with a bang (no pun intended) when I pulled out the astronaut food - they couldn't stop eating it :)
then the older 2 taught the younger girls the planets song, then they split off to do various activities
DD8 started with some research work
DD6 decided it was more important to make the asteroid belt that was missing from my mat
then moved onto her research - she got abit confused by craters so we pulled out the old flour and made a few of our own - I really thought she would have remembered this from last year but she seems to have forgotten it (or else she's being super sly and loved it so much she wanted to do it again)

when I could drag them away from the flour  DD4 did some sticker number cards (11 black cards with the numbers 0-10 on and only 55 space stickers for control of error)

I love how she started off by sorting the stickers as well as adding the correct number. She got super excited when I told her they were glow in the dark stickers and she promptly ran off to arrange the cards on her bedroom shelf : )

meanwhile DD2 was happy with some star lacing - I got some really cute start buttons at a craft shop and she used them to make a necklace.
to finish off they played a explored a great app on my iphone called solar walk.

The day ended with a great Practical Life activity (that has absolutely nothing to do with space)
when DH came home early with bags full of apples - the girls proceeded to peel then and make some juice.

I'm linking this up to Montessori Monday


Deb Chitwood said...

Awesome unit! Thank you, thank you, thank you for linking your post up with Montessori Monday! It fits perfectly with my post about stars and constellations! I just added your space unit posts and star lacing photo to

Montessori Print Shop said...

Thanks for sharing your first day with us! We've linked you up on our Solar System page so that others will be able to see your ideas:

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